Zéphyr & Borée

By combining state-of-the-art technologies to design a modern sailing ship, both efficient and environmentally friendly, Zephyr & Borée is fully committed to the great challenge of the energy transition that is needed at the beginning of this century. https://zephyretboree.com/

Natural Idées

How can digital technology be made accessible to the greatest number? How can eco-responsible architecture be designed?The response of the Natural Idées team is to design street furniture or a place of mediation (the naturalbox range) optimized by renewable energies and respectful of biodiversity. But that’s not all. These designs must be capable of providing […]


Lyptech presents its KMV concept (Green Motorization Kit ), a solution to the problems of automobile pollution which requires no new infrastructure.KMV is a revolutionary hybrid engine system that makes every vehicle clean, quiet and energy-efficient.


Alternoo is a short supply chain  creating the link between producers and consumers in Normandy and the Paris region, making healthy quality food accessible and developing a truly sustainable agriculture for tomorrow.